NM Subra


Hello Leader..

Life can be compulsive.

We need to answer that email NOW

We attend a meeting some one else has set

We join a conference because everyone else is going

We pound out reports that no one reads

And soon the day is over and we wonder on where we are headed.

"We came to build a Citadel, but we are shipping emails".

How do you take back control of your work life?

How do you reclaim your time?

I think the answer is in understanding our own Leadership systems. Why we do what we do, how we do things and who we work with best.

I couldn’t find any books that discussed this important aspect - so I typed out a chapter myself. It’s yours to DOWNLOAD for free, just click the button at the end of this section.

All you need is 30 minutes a day to define your own Leadership Operating System.

Subsequent chapters will feature in the weekly leadership bytes. You’ll get short, actionable bytes to power your leadership journey delivered into your mailbox every Friday.

I am confident these will help you on your leadership journey. Any questions - please ping me and l’ll be happy to answer. Happy subscribing and meet you on the other side.

In summary, this is what the LOS and the weekly bytes will cover:

  • Assess your own leadership style
  • Get feedback from others
  • Understand value hierarchies
  • Create your LOS blueprint
  • Use LinkedIn as your feedback tool
  • Get the best leadership stories every week
  • And much more

OK, enough talking! Let's discover your Leader operating System and set you for success already. See you other the other side.