A poker pro teaches us how to make decisions; Jackfruit can control diabetes!; Where is technology headed per the optimists?

published8 months ago
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Happy new year to everyone celebrating their regional new years next week. Happy reading....

Hello there,

Trust it's been a rollicking week so far. IPL starts today, so expect many people to suddenly find themselves "busy" and unable to take calls over the next two months!

I've always been inquisitive about how leaders make decisions in today's unpredictable, very complex world. What pitfalls should they avoid? Annie Duke, a professional poker player, has written a standout book on this topic termed "Thinking in bets."

She takes us by the hand and even provides a checklist so we can become better decision-makers. I found it delightful, and here's my review.

Sukumar shares a top-rated weekly video newsletter. Last week, he featured James Joseph - a Microsoft executive who returned to India on a sabbatical and set about transforming how we perceive the jackfruit. I was amazed to know that Jackfruits are excellent support for Diabetic patients. Watch this 10-minute clip as Sukumar coaxes out some super insightful truths on how James went about putting the humble Jackfruit in the spotlight.

I dug up a year-old video of Kevin Kelly (probably the world's best technology futurist) interviewing Marc Andreesen (founder of Netscape and one of the most respected venture capital firms). Both are probably the world's biggest optimists about technology.

It's about 40 minutes long, and Marc talks 20 words to the dozen, so it's super densely packed with information. They cover among other things:

1. With Moore's law hitting physics limits, what will propel future growth?

2. Biology engineering is all set to explode - tech is going beyond just Drug discovery now

3. How to diversify risk as a VC and as a founder-leader

4. Why is 5G likely to be a big deal? Hint - it's not what you think! Marc feels it will be successful because the reputations of nations are at stake). You could almost say it's the pivot of a "cold war" between China and the US!)

5. What is the future of cyber warfare?

And a lot more. It's technology and optimism - so perfect watching for the weekend.

And that wraps up this week's edition. Talk to you next Friday. Have a lovely week ahead, and keep the conversations coming.



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