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Enroute to a Digital Detox! What happens when the oldest game meets the newest tech?

publishedover 1 year ago
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Hello Reader,

I trust you have had a great week so far.

First up, Anand C got me thinking when he sent me this aesome video. What happens when AI meets the world's oldest board game? And what are the implications on a broader level. Check out some of my musings - and more importantly, don't forget to watch the excellent, embedded documentary.

Now, let me gift you some great ideas for casual "whodunit" weekend reading. Close your eyes and imagine this scene:

It's the first quarter of the century. England has its aristocracy deeply entrenched. Electricity has not reached most villages, and women are yet to start driving cars. Europe has the rumblings of war, and the rights movements are taking off in earnest. Now, let's disappear into some of the greenest villages with lovable characters and brilliant lead characters. Lady Emily and her assistant Flo charm their way to solving multiple murder cases. Lady Elenor, her advisor cum Butler Clifford and her remarkable aged dog Master Gladstone do the same. Lady Emily loves technology and uses the latest motor cars, airplanes, and tech, and her assistant has a remarkable knowledge of Chinese martial arts! Not to be outdone, Lady Eleanor has cycled halfway around the world and uses her skills at sleuthing. If you enjoy a cozy read, pick this up and retire to a corner - you'll enjoy them - they are unavailable on the Kindle India Unlimited store. Here's The full list of Lady Eleanor.

Lady Emily hardcastle's book's are here

And where am I retiring with these books? I plan to implement Cal Newport's Digitial Detox - albeit for 10 days (he recommends 30 days!). Essentially stay away from all tech to identify the crucial ones and how they are crucial to you. So we'll not have an issue next week - I'll be back week of 25th with some learnings too. Here's Newport's guide by the way:

"My general heuristic is the following: consider the technology optional unless its temporary removal would harm or significantly disrupt the daily operation of your professional or personal life.
Newport, Cal. Digital Minimalism (p. 64). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition

Talk to you in a couple of weeks and have a great time ahead.




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