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Extending the digital detox by two more weeks!

publishedover 1 year ago
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Hello Reader,

I trust you have had a good fortnight so far.

As for me, I am just getting used to the idea of a digital detox in action - as the wise man said, "all good things take some time." I realize now why Cal Newport recommended 12 weeks of detox - and while I cannot emulate him all the way, I plan to take the next two weeks to continue the digital detox and share my findings on week 3. Hopefully, the experience and learnings are worth it.

I have learned a couple of lessons - you don't need to aim to free up time for so-called "productive" things. On a friend's advice, I took the time to see the rare event of a winner winning both the ladies' final and the ladies' doubles. And two days later, Djokovic showed the power of stamina battling from two sets down to win the cup. So identifying optionality will be my goal - what are the avenues available - more than anything else - when I move away from compulsive digital media.

The second thing is discipline. How do we stay away from messages that keep coming in - well, I may have a few hacks now for these. I will look to come back with a healthy list, please do bear with me for some communication latency in the meanwhile.

And with that, I wish you a reasonable period ahead and talk to you soon. Until then, "Aloha."