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Resending: JOMO anyone? Lessons from older generations and Buffet Speak...

publishedover 1 year ago
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Hi, there here’s what you may have missed. Happy reading.

Hello Reader,

Guess what? I didn't realize it was Friday yet. A call woke me up to reality. Honestly, it's been that kind of week. We all need some time to cool off.

Raj D shared a brilliant tweet the other day - his mantra of JOMO is what I am following. Try it; you'll like it too!

Over the last couple of weeks, I have consistently seen people from the older generation handle stress and fear better than us. How do they do this? I poked into this topic this week, and here are some actionable for us. The elderly do have a lot to teach us indeed.

Here's my post on How to Meet Fate Without Blame - some lessons I picked up from our older generations.

This month, the big story was, of course, the Berkshire Hathway yearly Shareholders meet. Here's a complete transcript (time-dated) along with the video. I'd recommend you checking from 10 minutes past the hour to catch Warren Buffet and 40 minutes past the hour to jump directly into the Q&As.

As usual, it's a rambling conversation with lots of takeaways. Ajit Jain and Greg talk about how much they read. Charlie Munger as the Chief Culture officer has a lot to say on culture(!), and Buffet himself shares excellent views on outlook, inflation, bitcoins, and a whole lot of things. It's long but a good watch.

And for those of you budding writers who want to write online but weren't sure where to start, here is a fantastic resource. If you wish to tweet, blog, or write fiction - this tweet thread has tips for you.

I'll leave you with a little post I was inspired to write for these troubled times.

Attention seems to be the most scarce resource today.
Why not give more of yours to a loved one?
Watch a game or movie together?
Cook a favorite meal?
Play a board game.
Enjoy some good music in silence.
Attention always deals with the little things.

I wish you a great weekend. Please do keep sharing your thoughts as always - and we can take this to a whole different level. I look forward to connecting next weekend on this forum.





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