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Resending: Ram and daughter enchant us with Music. What’s up with Bitcoin?

publishedover 1 year ago
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Hi there, here’s what you may have missed last week. happy reading..

Hello Reader,

I hope it's been a good week so far. I thought I'd share three very different pieces today to jazz up your weekend.

First up, what would you do when faced with the Lockdown? Cribbing is on my hotlist! However, Ram Rajamani (A Director with Cognizant) and his Daughter decided to inspire the world with some extraordinary singing. Ram, as many of you know, led Cognizant's music band. He's an immense talent with a big heart. And his daughter proves the apple has fallen very close to the tree. Play the music and enjoy some SPB magic through this wonderful duo.

It's fun stumbling in the dark. Bitcoin was the greatest, and then it was the worst - and then it bounced back (kind of) - all in a week. If you were wondering what the hell was happening, join me in the journey. As I always say - you may not learn anything new. But a fun trip is guaranteed! Check it out already!

Finally, let me talk about Digital and Culture. We often think of these as opposed to each other. And yet, the Lockdown shows how well they complement each other. Let's relish some significant facets of culture brought to our homes through Digital technology. May the force be with them!

My wishes for a good weekend ahead, and I look forward to hearing from you as always. Until next week,





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