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Here’s what you may have missed. Happy reading!

Hello Reader,

I trust you are having a good week this far. Is leadership - or for that matter, life itself -a marathon or a sprint? Or probably it's a bit of both.

Be that as it may, good things take time - and time is what hones perfection. It's this theme - in its practical aspects - we will explore today.

On a lark, I started my website and this weekly newsletter six months back. There's been a ton of learning and a ton of goof-ups. For all of you photographers, authors, collectors out there looking to build a presence on the web - here's my experience so far.

The emphatic emotion, though, is gratitude - to you. It's your interactions and motivations that have brought the work to this milestone. Thank you, and I look forward to continued support.

I came across a fantastic story of a young achiever from our leader community and thought I should bring it to your attention.

Sreeram is a Partnership and Solutions lead for Cognizant's IOT practice. Early 2019, Sreeram felt a little suffocated. He was doing great at work, but a desire to talk to a very different set of people and be exposed to new ways of thinking kept gnawing at his heart. He decided to learn German on a limb and enrolled himself in the weekend introductory course at a Goethe Institute center.

Little did he realize how much the program would widen his perspectives. He kept going weekend and weekend and passing level after level. Today two years later, he is one of the few in the city pursuing the final levels (C1), and indeed should he wish to pursue a career researching German - it is open for him.

But his greatest takeaway? Sreeram says the course has enabled him to appreciate the science of a language - he now can dig deep into the nuance of Tamil and Hindi as well! Great going, Sreeram. Should you have any questions for him, please reach out to him at: ot @sreeram on Twitter.

I want to leave you with an amazing talk by Simon Sinek on how to look at work and life. It's based on a very intriguing concept - finite vs. infinite games - and conceptualized by James Carse.

Finite games have known rules, definite timelines, confirmed players, are predictable. We mainly deal in finite games.

Infinite games have no rules, no timelines; people can join in at any time. Indeed infinite games can have multiple finite games embedded in them.

Watch the 31-minute video (followed by Q&A) on why we all need an "infinite game" mindset and understand five pivotal aspects that contribute to successes over the long term:

  • Just cause
  • Trusting in people
  • Worthy rival
  • A capacity for existential flexibility
  • Courage to lead

If there are extraordinary stories and achievements you'd like featured in these weekly emails, do let me know. And keep the conversations coming.

Talk to you next week.




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