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Resending: Velu shows us how to lead in a crisis; Archana's accomplishment and Bond goes Amazon!

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Here’s what you may have missed last week. happy reading....

Hello Reader,

How has your week been? This week, our topic is leading during tough times. It's a topic that's close to all our hearts - so without delay, let's get started!

When the COVID pandemic hit, the world was confused. There was way too much happening, and we had minimal views into the future. We were facing what the Forces call a VUCA situation (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). It was a pleasure to observe Singaravelu Ekambaram motivate and steer his unit successfully through the crisis. Please join me in exploring the VUCA model of crisis management and Velu's unique take in ensuring success. I promise there are lots of takeaways - do check out this just published post.

I take great pleasure in introducing Archana, a Digital Technology Consultant and Agile Coach with Cognizant's Consulting Practice. A learning magnet, she was looking for a world-class strategy program that would:

  1. Impart the latest concepts experientially (no burdensome theory, please!)
  2. Collaborate actively with a very diverse set of practitioners across the world
  3. Set her for a path of strategic leadership - personally and professionally

Her search led her to Seth Godin - the world's best-known marketing Guru. His AltMBA program ticked all the right boxes, and she applied for the program. About 150 people with varying backgrounds globally participated in the best cohort-designed program in the world today. They worked through 13 strategic aspects in 6 short weeks - including change, closing sales, plotting one's future, evaluating costs holistically, public speaking for change, and many more.

A week before the program started - there was illness in the family. And then she fell sick - and had to skip a couple of sessions. But she wouldn't give up - and came back strongly to complete the 6-weeks session in style. Here she is with her daughter, who's holding a seal designed by Seth himself.

Should you have more questions or want to take the program - do reach out to her at:

Before we close, let's look at one final piece of news. Amazon bought MGM studies - including the James Bond franchise. The acquisition got the meme lords on overdrive. Join me in a fun exploration of what this may mean for the Bond franchise.

I'll leave you with a recent short post - relating to a question people ask all the time!

Whenever someone asks me what advice I’d give my younger self,

I remember this BonJovi song.

“Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far
Welcome, you gotta believe
That right here, right now you're exactly where you're supposed to be.”

Think about it:

You could have been healthier, wealthier, more social.

But you could have also lived a life of crime.

Or ended your life with reckless drunk driving!

You had hiccups but recovered in time.

You are the hero you need to be.

Dream instead for your current and future self.😀

And on that note, let me wish you a very Happy weekend. Do keep the conversations coming. And we'll look at new stuff next week,







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