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Some sad news, professional leadership inspirations and the mystery of Elon Musk and Bitcoin!

publishedover 1 year ago
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Hello Reader,

This week started on a sad note. A good friend and ex-colleague, Srini Kumarappan, succumbed to the virus. Srini was a technologist at heart - helping us build bots. But more importantly, he was a warm guy - he was always smiling, and everyone loved working with him. Let's offer our condolences to Srini's wife and his two young children.

If you'd like to support his young family at this challenging time, you can contribute here:

Tough times require professional leaders. We need leaders who have both the technical acumen and the right people skills to navigate us through. I profile Suresh Muthuswami, President, TCS. I learned several lessons - on how to value others' time and how to treat exists from him. Do take a look at the comments the post has inspired. People love him for leading with empathy. We need such inspirational leadership in today's times.

My friend Dhivakar and I were debating the other day on Elon Musk buying Bitcoin. Why was the champion of green air buying what was arguably the most energy-wasteful currency? And why was TESLA ok to purchase cars using Bitcoin?

There were two views:

  • Perhaps he wanted to clean up the Bitcoin Proof of Work process itself (highly optimistic!).
  • Or he just wanted to make some short-term money (cynical view!).

This week, Elon provided an answer (sort of):

He does, however, emphasize his confidence in crypto-currencies (including his favorite dogecoin). So, where is this all headed? Watch this space.

Eid greetings. My wishes for a good weekend ahead, and I look forward to hearing from you as always. Until next week,





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